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Singulart's Emerging Artists

Created on 03/2018

From London to L.A. and from Berlin to Barcelona, discover contemporary paintings and photographs from the world's best emerging artists. 

In photography, we are working with New York artist Tahir Carl Karmali who was awarded a ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Award’ and Kyu Sang Lee, the conceptual photographer who recently won the Celeste Prize in Photography in London.
Among our emerging painters are the young Nigerian painter Chibuike Uzoma, who recently received a Francis Greenburger Fellowship and artist residency with Art Omi in New York, and Paris-based Marion Harduin, a recipient of the prestigious Jung-Hun Mécénat Painting Prize in Seoul, South Korea.

Singulart has selected works by artists who have already received notable acclaim in the art world so early on in their careers. Be it in the form of a prize, a major group exhibition or serious critical recognition, these artists are definitely ones to watch (and invest in!). 

This diverse collection is exploring the best new talents and artists on the rise. These artists are defining exciting new styles and shaping the landscape of contemporary art.

In this collection you will discover four works by five talented emerging artists from the UK, Germany and France, three key hubs of cultural activity in the European art market. We have also presented a wider selection of works from our up-and-coming artists around the globe, from Nigeria to Thailand!

Top 5 UK Emerging Artists

Zi Ling

Painter, Draftsman - United Kingdom

Teo Ormond-Skeaping

Photographer - United Kingdom

Caroline Pool

Painter, Draftsman - United Kingdom

Nadja Gabriela Plein

Painter - United Kingdom

Sarah Amy Fishlock

Photographer - United Kingdom

Top 5 German Emerging Artists

Tanja Vetter

Painter - Germany

Daniela Schweinsberg

Painter - Germany

Gyula Sági

Painter, Draftsman - Germany

Sylwia Synak

Painter - Germany

Shev Lunatic

Painter - Germany

Top 5 French Emerging Artists

Antoine Puisais

Painter - France

Claire Moog

Painter - France

Julien Graizely

Painter - France

Marion Harduin

Painter, Draftsman - France


Painter, Photographer - France

A selection of emerging artists from around the globe

The Reality #3 Nazik Aslanyan Painting Oil
HK$47,000, 60x50cm
deadly daydream Caroline Pera Painting  on Canvas
HK$22,700, 140x175cm
on Canvas
A Starry Night Javiera Estrada Photography Digital on Paper
HK$12,600, 102x102cm
Digital on Paper
Quiet Man Aramis Navarro Painting
HK$42,300, 80x71cm
Untitled, Jua Kali Series (Edition 02/07 +2AP) Tahir Carl Karmali Photography
HK$23,500, 89x59cm
SAHARA Inese Verina-Lubina Painting Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
HK$10,900, 90x60cm
Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
Color Field and Mirrors Nestor Toro Painting Acrylic on Canvas
HK$17,300, 122x91cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Untitled II Ramona Deckers Photography Analogue on Paper
HK$8,700, 50x50cm
Analogue on Paper
Infusion Grace Aza-Selinger Painting Acrylic on Canvas
HK$12,300, 102x76cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Untitled XI Chibuike Uzoma Painting Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
HK$38,200, 66x81cm
Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
Weies Kleid Karoline Kroi Painting Acrylic on Canvas
HK$32,700, 160x110cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Deconstructing ID 4 Laura Guoke Photography
HK$4,600, 50x50cm
A Trembling Soul Where the Time Flows Quietly Over the Waves Kyu Sang Lee Photography
HK$7,900, 42x59cm
Dilemma of a New Age II Emeka Okereke Photography Digital on Wood
HK$36,400, 67x100cm
Digital on Wood
Blueprint: Milawi Parliament Gayle Chong Kwan Photography
HK$21,500, 76x102cm
Tropic Glib Franko Painting Oil on Canvas
HK$19,600, 120x120cm
Oil on Canvas
Shadow at Minories Car Park Vicky Dale Painting Acrylic on Canvas
HK$3,100, 30x30cm
Acrylic on Canvas
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